Inner Being Wellness along with its early supporters is an Indian Ocean Group entity, which focuses on impact, distressed and early stage ventures that have a sustainable focus under its bootstrapped and founded enterprise ecosystem, PLATAFORMA ASIA.

Our Foundation

We have taken ancient wisdom, created simple recipes and turned them into innovative products. We work with experienced chefs, research teams, science institutes, and government departments to bring you the latest and the best in the industry, without leaving behind our roots.

Our Vision

InnerBeing goes beyond the pantry; it doesn’t just live on the supermarket shelves. It’s about your approach to life. It’s about the way you care for yourself and your body. We will share our knowledge with you so that you can be with us every step of the way. We want you to be nourished, naturally.

Our Community

Our journey is about our community, and our impact. Every step we take is shaped by those around us, and we have developed our products in line with a brand vision that is ingrained in the culture, the country and the crops. Our products are not separate from the people, and that is our commitment to creating a positive feedback loop.